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Welcome to our shop! Before you make a purchase, please take a moment to review our shipping terms and conditions. These terms and conditions outline important information about shipping, delivery, and related policies. By placing an order with us, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.


Order Processing

  1. Order Confirmation: After you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation email by our team with your order's Tracking Number Link.

    (Usually we respond within an hour or two if it is daytime in our timezone UTC/GMT +3 hours. Be patient !. Also be more patient if its a weekend, then your tracking will be mostly be sent to you on monday.)

  2. Order Processing Time:Our processing time is usually 1 day.

  3. Order Shipping days:We ship Monday-Friday

  4. Customer Shipping Info : We will use the Full Name and Address it is given to us when you are placing an order. We dont refund orders that are shipped to the wrong name or address when its not our fault.

  5. Payments : Any payment done towards us with an ammount different than that of your order will be refunded minus the transaction fees. This doesnt apply to multiple payments done by the same email/account that sum up to your orders total ammount.

About Shipping

  1. Shipping cost: We offer Free Tracked Worldwide shipping with every of your order.

  2. Shipping time: Shipping times vary depending on your location, the size and weight of the items you order, and the shipping method you select during checkout. On average it is 5-14 working days to US and 4-7 to EU countries. To countries like Australia, India, Philippines etc. may take a few days more.

  3. Carriers : We ship with Hellenic (Greek) postal services who then hand over your package to USPS when it reaches the US, or other shipping companies for each EU or other countries.

  4. Parcel Discreteness:All of our parcel/envelopes are shipped with labels on the outside that have disclamers and info that aims to reduce suspicion while passing customs. It has worked 100% so far. No mentions of Mimosa Hostilis or its other names are put on our parcels/envelopes.

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  • (!) Custom Super Discrete Shipping : If it is needed by our customer, to have his package delivered with extra discreteness, we can make that happen with many clever ways. Just contact us.

  • Item Delivery

    1. We are not responsible for the actions of your country's customs or postal service. Please check the legality of our products in your country first before ordering. This will prevent losing your money and time.

    Our Location

    1. We are based in, and we ship from Europe (Greece)


    1. The products here are strictly offered as a natural dye and botanical specimen. Not for consumption. Consult the disclaimer before you order. This product has not been approved by the FDA for consumption or health benefits.


    1. If you have not received your package/order within 31 days from the day we provided you with a tracking number, we will fully refund you if it was caused by our mistake. (Example : Packages lost by shipping services will Not be refunded, and packages that we sent accidentaly to another address Will be refunded.)


    1. Our Euro to Dollar price conversion is not 100% accurate. Sometimes it takes a day or so to update.

    2. By submitting an order, your email may be used (only by us) for our newsletter.

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